There is overwhelming grace for you!

In all the history of mankind only one truth ever came down from the ages whereby God reached out to man and made a way of salvation. Other religions have had man pay penance to earn a relationship with God, through works and sacrifices. Some religions have even denied a personal God and turned the focus selfishly inward back to man. Their salvation is such that if man can work to attain a "self-seeking peace" he may become good enough to become "one" with the universe. 

Only God would make "the only way of salvation" whereby God himself, in Jesus Christ, has paid the heavy price of death to make the way clear for man to enter into His Kingdom, in this life and after death. 

God knows the trauma man faces at the moment of death. God also knows the trauma man faces just in normal life. God knew that no man would be able to honestly stand on their own merits before Him (because a person's own heart would condemn them no matter what). 

So God sent his only son, Jesus, to die for man... so that all men would know that this is different! This plan of salvation is far beyond anything mankind could contrive. Man does not have the compassion for themselves or others to formulate such a plan whereby God loved the world so much that He would give His Only Begotten Son to die for it. It is highly unusual for a man to give his life in exchange for a righteous man, but it is unheard of for any man to give his life for an unrighteous man. The truth is that Christ loved us and died for us while we where still sinners. 

Only God would make salvation so simple for man to attain by simply accepting the sacrifice of His Son. Yet reveal His love as something so profoundly deep that the longer you know God through Jesus Christ, the more overwhelmed you become concerning His grace and love for you.