We begin our journey of discipleship (represented by a "spiritual house"), by highlighting these truths:

  1. The Gospel is the Roof of our Household of Faith: It's all about Jesus(IRL): The Way, The Truth, The Life- John 14:6
  2. The Gospel is Family on Mission: The relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit teaches us that we cannot be disciples, build community, or even "do life" on our own- we need to be in relationship with others- John 5:19&20
  3. The Gospel is the Center of our Identity
  • Gospel Identity: Children of the Father- 

    Being baptized in the Name of the Father identifies us as God's children/family

  • Gospel Identity: Crown of Service- 

    Baptism in Jesus' Name identifies us with The Servant King, and includes us as Servants of the King. 

  • Gospel Identity: Dove of Peace-

    Being baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit identifies us as an Ambassador sent to represent God’s kingdom.

  • the 3 circles

    God's Perfect Design was corrupted by sin, which led to brokenness, which was healed by Jesus coming down from heaven, dying on a cross, and rising again in order to bring us back to God's Perfect Design.

  • In summary...

    In these Identities, we can truly live as Christs' Servant Ambassadors as God's Children, knowing and practicing the power of the Gospel, in a Household of Faith, obeying the Commands of Christ, built on the Foundation of the Five-Fold Ministry, while protected by Boundaries and Priorities. This is "JESUS IN REAL LIFE!"